Holiday’s and kiteboarding; where to go?

Holiday, preferable on a location where its warm and windy. I have been on quite a number of places, all with its pros and cons. Here you can find my ideas on the locations I visited.

Bonaire: Kitespot: Atlantis, an off shore wind blows over the flat water. Apparently people say kiteboarding is allowed again on the other side, where it is on shore. This would be a great improvement, since it can get quite boring quickly on the off shore wind side. The Island it self is really relaxed, no big party’s like Curacao. Prices are quite average. Don’t go around September, since then it is hurricane season.

Dominicaanse republiek (Cabarete): A wonderful location in a idyllic village with a great atmosphere.Too bad the best wind is during the European summer. And the winds generally only pick up around 14:00, but when it arrives it usually has some nice waves on the quite safely riff a couple of hundred meter from the beach. It is an absolute pleasure to play with those waves. Life is quite cheap in Cabarete and it has a good night life.

Cuba (Varadero) it is allready an adventure just to be in Cuba, but kiteboarding there is absolutely special.  Don’t be suprised if you are the only one out with a kite! Too bad the wind is slightly off shore, which means gusty winds…On some locations (at the tip of Varadero) you probably have more chance on a side shore wind. Make sure you don’t lose or brake any of your gear, because there is absolutely nothing available over there.

Curacao. Curacao is more of a city than an island. It has some serious trafiic issues, and kite wise it is not ideal;  The south side is off-shore wind, en the north side is just rocks. The only solution is to go to a inner sea “Sint Jorisbaai”. It is kind of fun, but it does noit look like an ideal  kite location. The water is totally flat and the spot is quite small and there is nothing except for a small wooden roof which is used a shelter for the sun. The spot is about 30 minutes driving from anything. Recently I heard that people are kiteboarding at the south side of the Island, near the Hilton Hotel. But htis is only for the more experienced kiters, since coming back and starting is quite a hassle without any wind…

Barbados This Caribbean island is clearly more expesive than others. It is the first island which you will see when flying from Europe. This probably is the reason it has some serious waves. The kite spot (Silver Rock) lies at a very good position to enjoy some good swell. Too bad this is also the place where a bunch of drug and alcohol addicts are living. Apparently the hotel at the kite spot used to be a very lively party place, but htis is certainly not anymore the case.meer te beleven is (ooit was dit wel het geval).  Except for a wave surf spot Silver Roch is a quite remote location on the Island. The starting place at the kite spot is quite small, but about 400 meter out it has some great waves to play with.

Sint Marten (French part). On Sint Marten there are two kitespots which are quite close to each other on the French side; Orient Bay and Le Gallion). Orient Bay is more busy with people who just go there to be on the beach and to be on the popular and pricey beachclubs. Le Gallion is only a wind/kitesurfspot with a real reef on about 700 meters. Some nice waves break on this reef. Too bad the wind direction is on shore. The wind is on average 18 knots which is not a lot. The water is beautiful blue and the places to go (mostly Dutch side) for a wildly night life are numerous.

Brazil (Cumbuco) A small village on 1 hour driving from Fortaleza, with lots of wind on the end of the year. It is nice and hot but the water is not as beautiful as in the Caribbean. The living is really cheap. Too bad some criminality (also sometime to get kite gear) is also apparent in Cumbuco. The waves are small, and some inner seas create flat water lakes, which are very crowded. 

Cape town The Dutch guy Ruben Lenten is known to be here almost every winter; 28 degrees and at the end of the day iot can get easily 35 knots with some epic wave en op de Noordzee zelf na dan, geen radicalere bestemming herinneren dan Kaapstad. De nadelen: het water is er koud (14 C ongeveer), je kitespullen krijgen het flink te verduren. Voordelen: tientallen spots, afhankelijk van waar je gaat kiten hoge golven, de wereld top oefent er (afkijken hoe het moet 🙂 ), genoeg ruimte op de kant en op zee en als de wind komt komt ie ook echt….40 knopen is aan het einde van de dag is geen uitzondering. Je krijgt een mooie immpresie al

s je de “Cap sessions” van Kevin Langeree bekijkt. De reis gaat het snelst met KLM, maar het kan geodkoper via Dusseldorf met Air Berlin. Verblijf is niet al te duur, maar kan helaas door de gestegen Rand (of gedaalde Euro) niet meer goedkoop genoemd worden.

Tarifa Tarifa is super super druk in de zomer, maar vanaf de herfst tot en met de lente is het ongekend rustig. Het grappige is dat de windstatistieken laten zien dat het er ion februari harder waait dan elke andere maand…Je vliegt voor onder de 200 euro heen en weer (naar Malaga) en autohuur is spotgoedkoop. De wind kan er flink tekeergaan. Vergeet ook niet om in Canos de Meca te varen, zeker een aanrader met wind van links!

Wat ontbreekt er? De volgende locatie ken ik niet omdat ik er nooit geweest ben, maar waarvan ik wel weet dat die vaak door kiters bezocht worden: Cabo verde, Canarische eilanden,  Vietnam (Mui Neh), Filipijnen ( Boracay) en Egypte.

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A informal blog on my beach life. I like being on the beach and kitesurfing on the North Sea Where I live. sometime I do some Stand Up Paddling and fishing.
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