Wind statistics

Wind statistics
Windstatistieken esxists in many forms; in number of days above windforece 4 ,average in knots or for example a percentage of the month people could kite (see some example graphs).

This all makes comparing different spots really difficult. When choosing a holiday destination it would be nice of having some uniformity.

On windguru and windfinder (the two most popular wind sites) can be found statistics on wind. Here I show some pro’s and con’s of those two.


On Windguru it is easy to find a spot and look on monthly gathered data. Strangely enough the data is not of measurements, but on predictions. The graphical presentation is quite unhandy; you choice a time period and by letting your eye pass by the colours to get an idea what the wind was that chosen time period. It is not a very convenient nor exact way; depending on which year you take, the chosen month could very quite much from year to year. It is quite a opportunity missed.


Windfinder thought about presenting wind data a bit longer.

In a blink of an eye you can see which month has the highest and exact amount of percentage above wind force 4, including the most common winddirection. And not unimportant: it mentions the time period the data are on. the longer the better of course. A clever part detail is that the data is from 7 in the morning till 7 at night!

Is Windfinder the best for wind statistics? Actually yes, although you should take in account:

  • Most important detail is very often measuring stations are on airports. Airports are generally on a relatively sheltered location. which means data can be lower than on the beach.
  • Wind force 4 is for a lot of people a magical border; It can be the difference between hanging on the beach or hanging on to a sail or kite. But for some people (heavier or more experienced) wind force 4 is not the most exciting for them So it is more important for them to know what the average wind has been. But in reality it may not be enough; its possible that the wind is not enough for 10 of the 12 hours but the other 2 are blowing like hell (Cape Town for example). So Low averages can still mean it can be perfect…
  • And there is more to be aware of; How stable is the wind? Nothing more irritating than gusty wind. But maybe Windfinder can come up with an solution for this aswell!?


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